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About Angela

My interest in the natural world began as a young child when I loved to observe nature and pick wildflowers along the roadside.  Following my interest in the natural world, I studied environmental science and community planning, and later continued studies in landscape architecture, landscape design and horticulture. I continue life-long learning through personal research and educational seminars. 

I have always enjoyed and studied drawing and painting and I use

these skills in the gardens I design and tend.


Licenses and Certifications

R.I. Licensed Arborist #290
R.I. Certified Horticulturist
RICRMC Certified Coastal Invasive Manager
RIDEM Certified Forest Invasive Plant Manager
URI Master Gardener
RI Tree Steward

Volunteer Work

My garden volunteer work began almost 20 years ago when I assumed responsibility for the maintenance of my parish gardens.  After becoming a Master Gardener in 2005, I have been active in projects supported by the URI Master Gardener program and also volunteer for the RI Wild Plant Society and RI Tree Council.

Garden Philosophy



My interest and background in the natural sciences has fostered my awareness of the impact of garden activities on the environment.  I feel

strongly about our obligation to be good environmental stewards in our gardens and backyards.   As a result, my team use eco-friendly principles and methods in all of our garden practices, and continually review the latest research in this field.

Low Maintenance

Sustainability means the capacity to endure: this applies to your time and pocketbook as well as to the environment.   We all know very well the limits placed by time and budget.  My team and I work with our clients to develop lower maintenance gardens that give them time to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of their garden.

Gardens are for YOU!

You, the owner of the garden, are the one who should have a space that makes you yearn to be out in your yard and enjoy the time spent there.  My team and I will work with you to create a garden of lasting beauty.


RI Nursery and Landscape Association
2011 Professional Landscapes Awards

First Place Award
Sustainable Landscapes

What People Say

Kathryn L, East Providence RI

Angela is pleasant to work with, reasonably priced and her work is outstanding.  She did a great job of designing and planting our front yard to blend with the architecture of our house and taking into consideration how much maintenance the home owner can handle.  Angela does a fantastic job of ensuring that there is color and plants blooming for all seasons.

Emily D. Cumberland, RI

"Angela is refreshingly creative! She has a great design sense and extensive plant knowledge. She has a passion for her work and is a pleasure to work with. We are delighted with our garden - something is always in bloom from early spring until late fall. We would highly recommend Angela for any landscape project."

- Emily D., Cumberland, RI

Karen D. Providence RI

Although my family has always done our own yard work, we have not had the skills or knowledge to really spruce things up.  Angela is an expert and is truly wonderful!  She listened to my likes and dislikes when it comes to plants and flowers, and she made proposals that were easy to understand.  Angela was careful and creative in choosing perfect plants for our yard, and she is really fun to work with.  I can honestly say that she is exactly the gardener I was looking for.

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