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How we can help with your garden....

Garden Maintenance

Our years of training and experience can be put to work in your garden, whether you are short of time or expertise.  My team and I can maintain the garden you have or make suggestions to transform it into something more befitting your wants and needs. 

Garden & Container Planting

Need help installing plans for your garden?  We can help you with all of your plant purchases, plant installation and transplanting needs.


Pruning is an art and a science. Proper pruning enhances the vigor, health and form of a plant. It also reveals beautiful natural forms hidden beneath a mass of foliage. The result is a living sculpture which can be an added dimension to your garden.

Garden Design

Gardens should reflect the needs, wants and uses of the owner. We will help you create your dream garden, whether it is for entertaining, growing food, observing wildlife or planting your favorite flowers.  

Front Yard Makeover

Many of our homes were landscaped decades ago. The plantings are overgrown, unattractive and detract from the beauty of the home. Studies have shown that curb appeal can add considerably to a home’s value.  Let us enhance your property by creating low-maintenance plantings that will make your front yard beautiful again.

Holiday Decorating

Need some help sprucing up your house for the holidays?  Let us add our special touch to create a beautiful look for your house...and give you time to tend to all your other holiday needs.

Garden Talks

I have given talks at the Roger Williams Botanical Center in Providence, RI and the Tower Hill Botanical Center in Boylston, MA.  I am available to give the following PowerPoint presentations to your garden club or group. Contact me to learn more.

  • Sustainable Landscaping

  • Low-Maintenance Gardening

  • Enhancing Your Front Yard

  • Bugs are Not the Enemy

  • Pruning Possibilities

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